Institute for Research on Economics and Society – Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Indonesia

LPEM training

Institute for Economic and Social Research – Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, or better known as LPEM FEB UI, is a research institute under the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, and the largest community of academic researchers at the University of Indonesia. For more than 60 years, LPEM FEB UI has become one of Indonesia's leading educational institutions, which plays an essential role in contributing ideas through research, consulting, and education.

Training Topics

These topics are the main topics of training:

Economics, Social, and Public Policy

Training in Macroeconomics focuses on the fundamental concepts of Macroeconomics, measuring key indicators of macroeconomic performance, and analyzing fiscal and monetary policy.

Training in Planning and Budgeting

Training on planning and budgeting aims to provide knowledge about development planning that aligns with the needs and potential of the region and its community.

State and Regional Finance

This training provides knowledge and skills on the concepts and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

Methods of Analysis and Scientific Writing

This training aims to build knowledge and skills in drafting data-driven policy documents, which includes an overview of public policies, decision-making processes, policy options, identifying the audience, data analysis methods, as well as the principles and guidelines for writing policy documents.

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