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Board of Directors

Friday January 17th, 2014

Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah S.E., MA., Ph.D.


Foto Riatu -WEBRiatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah received her PhD degree in Economics from Georgia State University (Atlanta, US) in 2008, Master of Arts from Georgia State University in 2002, and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEBUI) in 1999.

Riatu is a public finance expert who have involved in various research and projects on policy evaluation and monitoring, design of fiscal related scheme, intergovernmental transfer, and regulatory impact assessment. She also has research interest in higher education related policy. She is now a member of TADF (Technical Assistance on Fiscal Decentralization) under Ministry of Finance.

Before serving as LPEM’s Associate Director in Research in 2014, she was the Head of Economics Undergraduate Program in Department of Economics, Faculty Economic and Business, University of Indonesia (2009-2013). She is currently the Director of LPEM FEBUI since 2015.

Kiki Verico, S.E., MRI., Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research

Kiki Verico obtained his bachelor degree in economics (monetary economics) from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI), master in regional economic integration of double-degree program from University of Malaya and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Ph.D degree in International Studies (Economics) from Waseda University in Tokyo. He started to work at the FEB UI in 1999 as teaching assistant and a year later in 2000, he joined the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM FEB UI) as a research assistant. His research interests are international trade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), regional economic integration issues, ASEAN economic integration process, Southeast Asia economies, and multi-country economic cooperation that features Indonesia.

Before he has been appointed as Deputy Director of Research of LPEM FEB UI in early January 2016, he was appointed as Head of International Trade and Macroeconomic Research Division of LPEM FEUI from August 2014 to December 2015. Kiki has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development (AJAD), Bulletin of Indonesia Economic Studies (BIES), Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI), and Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development (JECD). He writes several chapters in books on Indonesia – Australia’s economic relations and China – ASEAN economic cooperation (case of Indonesia). Kiki writes a book (as single author) on the future of ASEAN economic integration. He has published opinions in various media such as the Jakarta Post, the Jakarta Globe, Indonesia Finance Today, Investor Daily, Media Indonesia, Seputar Indonesia, Majalah Gatra, Koran Tempo, Majalah Tempo, as well as in public blog named Conversation and universities blogs of the Indonesia Project of the ANU and GoLive of the Adelaide University.

Khoirunurrofik, S.Si, M.A.,MPM, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Education and Training

Khoirunurrofik received his Ph.D in Public Economics from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies- GRIPS (Tokyo, Japan) in 2014. He also obtained Master of Arts in Policy Analysis from GRIPS in 2011, Master in Public Policy and Management (MPM) from Carnegie Mellon University-Australia Campus in 2007, and International Master in Regional Integration from Asia Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Malaysia – University of Autonoma Madrid, Spain in 2004. He joined LPEM FEB UI in 1999 after earning his Bachelor degree in Statistics from FMIPA, Bogor Agricultural University. Rofik has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia since 2000. His research interests are Public Finance and Fiscal Decentralization, Urban and Regional Economics with focus on industrial agglomeration and productivity, and Applied and Spatial Econometrics. Prior to his appointment as Associate Director for Education and Training, he was LPEM’s Head of Public Finance and Public Policy Research Group.

During his career in LPEM, he has led a prolific number of projects such as the Institutional Capacity Assessment on Nutrition in Indonesia (UNICEF), Feasibility Study of Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) in Indonesia (UNDP), Study on Life Insurance Tax (AAJI), Aceh Timur Green Economic Development (IDH), and Maritime Connectivity in South East Asia: It’s Role and Challenges Towards Integration (ERIA), and Ideal Funding Schema for Local Owned Company (BUMD) in Indonesia Participating Interest Management (SKK Migas).  His academic papers have been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including Asia Pacific Journal of Regional Science, International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Sustainability, Journal of Indonesian Applied Economics, and Jurnal Kebijakan Ekonomi.

Christine Tjen, S.E., Ak., M.Int.Tax, CA.

Associate Director for Administration and Finance

Christine_1Christine is a lecturer at Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia. She received a Master Degree in International Taxation from University of Sydney (NSW, Australia) in 2006, and Bachelor of Accounting from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia in year 2000 with Cum Laude predicate. Before becoming a lecturer in University of Indonesia, she joined KPMG Jakarta at their Tax Consulting Division.

Christine is a tax expert who has involved in several research projects and trainings related to Indonesian Taxation. She is also actively involved in Tax Accountant Compartment of Indonesian Accountant Institute (IAI). On January 5th, 2015, she is officially appointed as Associate Director for Administration and Finance of LPEM-FEBUI.


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