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Economics Briefs

Tuesday February 14th, 2017

Economics briefs are LPEM’s Regular Economic Analysis (monthly or quarterly) on microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions of Indonesia. LPEM’s economics briefs are divided into two major topics: Economic analysis and Green Budgeting. Economic analysis consist of LPEM’s monthly inflation analysis, LPEM’s analysis of Central Bank Board of Governors’ Meeting, LPEM’s Economic Quarterly Outlook, etc. Green budgeting is a special analysis of LPEM cooperating with Millenium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCAI).

These economics briefs are made to disseminate LPEM’s analysis on various economic aspects to help firms and individuals in making their economic decisions. We hope these economics briefs could also educate various individuals/organizations to understand certain economic issues and to realize its importance. If you need more information related to our economics briefs, you can contact us at:

Jl. Salemba Raya 4, Jakarta 10430
Tel. 021-3143177
Fax. 021-3907235/31934310


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