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Vid Adrison M.A., Ph.D. (2013-2014)

Vid Adrison is a lecturer at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia and a senior researcher at LPEM FEBUI. He holds Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1999. In 2002, he got an MA in Economics from Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, GSU, Atlanta, USA, funded by USAID scholarship. In 2008, he obtained PhD in economics from the same university, funded by USAID and GSU scholarship. His dissertation investigates the effect of penalty and regulator reputation on environmental compliance. The methodology that he used in his dissertation is Detection Controlled Estimation (DCE), an estimation to account for undetected violation. This method is applicable for regulatory compliance analysis, including tax compliance. In 2010, with Prof. Ari Kuncoro and Mrs. Isfandiarni, he won a research grant from Global Development Network (GDN) for a study that try to investigate the effect of decentralization and democratization on the quality of road infrastructure. In 2012, he won another research grant from USAID ProRep to conduct a research for investigating the effect of decentralization and democratization on deforestation.

Since rejoining LPEM FEBUI, he has been involved in research on environmental economics, public finance, industrial economics, investment climate studies, trade economics and governance studies. Besides his role as the head of LPEM FEBUI, he still actively teaches Econometrics and Advanced Microeconomics in Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia.