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Nuzul Achjar

Sunday November 6th, 2016


Nuzul Achjar finished his bachelor’s degree with a major in Geography in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (1976-1984), obtained his master degree from Economic Geography/Regional Science program in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and completed his doctoral degree from the same program in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Nuzul also has participated in Training for Trainers for Functional Planner in 2002. Nuzul started to work in LPEM FEBUI in 1986 as a Research Associate. He also once held the position of the Dean of Faculty of Economics University of Raja Ali Haji in Riau Island Province for the period of March-July 2009. Nowadays, he teaches undergraduate and post-graduate students at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, in addition to being a researcher in LPEM-FEBUI. His research interests include Urban and Regional Economics, Regional Economic Impact Analysis, as well as Economic Structural Changes.

Besides teaching and research, Nuzul also contributed as a co-author for several publications with Dorodjatun Kutjoro-Jakti as well as with Sonis Hewings. He also wrote a scientific article in Indonesian Economic Journal (EFI). Nuzul is also involved in several professional organizations, both national and international organizations, including Regional Science Association International (RSAI), and Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA). Several research projects that have been completed and headed by Nuzul including Social and Economic Impact Analysis of Mineral-based Industry in Papua (2015), Social, Economic and Cultural Impact Analysis of PT Freeport (2015), Series of Economic Impact and Updating of Economic Impact Study of PT Freeport Indonesia (2003-2008), Macroeconomic Impact Analysis of Ministry of Public Work’s Projects (May-October 2007)

Research Interests

Regional Economics, Urban Economics, Economic Structural Changes, Poverty Economics

Academic Publications

– N Achjar, GJD Hewings, M Sonis Two-Layer Feedback Loop Structure of the Regional Economies of Indonesia: An Interregional Block Structural Path Analysis
, Discussion Paper of The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), 2003
– Achjar, Nuzul, Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi The Impact of Rural Infrastructure Development on Poverty Reduction in Indonesia, Economics and Finance in Indonesia, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, vol. 57, pages 339-348, December.
– Newbold, B.K, Nuzul Achjar Immigration, Intended Settlement Patterns, and their Dynamics in the United States, 1980-1990, International Regional Science Review Vol 25, Issue 2, pp. 219 – 244 First Published April 1, 2002
– N Achjar, GJD Hewings, M SonisStructural Changes in the Indonesian Economy: A Network Complication Approach , Discussion Paper of The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), 2006

– N Achjar, GJD Hewings, M Sonis The Decomposition of Goods and Services in a Block Structural Path Analysis in the Indonesian Economy, Studies in Regional Science, 35(2), 257-279, 2005.

Opinions and Newspaper Articles

– Kuntjoro-Jakti, Dorodjatun and Nuzul Achjar, The Socio-economic Impact of Telecommunication Development in Indonesia, in Accelerated Progress of Telecommunication Development, 50th Indonesian Anniversary. Published by Department of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication, January 1994.
– Kuntjoro-Jakti, Dorodjatun and Nuzul Achjar (1994). The Development of Eastern and Western Part of Indonesia: Problems and prospect, in Arsjad Anwar and Omura, Local Development of Indonesia, in cooperation between LPEM FEUI and Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), Tokyo.
– Kuntjoro-Jakti, Dorodjatun and Nuzul Achjar (1993). Perkembangan Subsektor Telekomunikasi, Pengamatan Tahun 1992 (The development of telecommunication sector in Indonesia in 1992). in Arsjad Anwar, Faisal H. Basri, and M. Ikhsan (Eds), PT Gramedia

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