Development Planning and Public Finance (DEVPFIN)

Head of Development Planning and Public Finance  (DEVPFIN) Research Group

Khoirunurrofik, S.Si, M.A.,MPM, Ph.D.

“Empowering Fiscal Policy and Regional Development”

This study group specializes in research and consulting services related to fiscal policy (taxation and government spending) and development planning. Additionally, we focus on analyzing government revenues, fiscal tools for specific industries (taxes and subsidies) and conducting reviews of public spending and intergovernmental transfers. We also keep abreast of the latest policy developments in taxation and spending programs in Indonesia.





Our activities encompass several key areas:

  • National and Regional Economics: This facet involves analyzing national and regional economies within the context of public economics. We assess both short and long-term prospects by mapping out national and regional economic development and potential. Our work extends to the formulation of comprehensive economic strategies and policies, which serve as references for long-term national and regional development planning. The benefits of this research include guiding national and regional governments in creating macroeconomic frameworks, considering internal and external conditions holistically, exploring long-term economic policy options, and determining realistic macro development indicators.
  • National and Regional Planning: We aid in preparing crucial planning documents such as long-term and medium-term planning documents, Strategic Plans, and Regional Planning Indices. Our empirical-based studies enhance planning quality by providing accountable and accurate insights into national and regional conditions and potential. We facilitate the integration of long, medium, and short-term planning between national, provincial, and district/city levels, ensuring synchronization with budgeting. This strengthens the foundations for development, reform, and future performance evaluation. We also assist national and local governments in crafting technocratic designs and development plan drafts.
  • Public Finance: Recognizing the significance of national and regional finance, we help national and local governments devise effective budgeting strategies and allocate resources to high-quality programs with reliable resources. Ultimately, macro-national and regional financial policies are expected to impact both the economy and development positively.
  • Regional Income Potential: One critical aspect of implementing regional autonomy is bolstering regional independence to finance government and development activities. This is achieved by increasing the potential for local own income (PAD), which includes regional taxes and levies. Greater regional independence reduces dependence on central government transfer funding. Our research helps local governments recognize PAD potential, set targets for regional taxes and levies, and formulate policies to harness this potential. We aim to enhance local taxing power and the role of local owned companies (BUMD) in boosting regional income.
  • Consultation on Regional Regulations: We offer consultations related to regional regulations, particularly concerning regional taxes and levies. Our services assist in identifying substantive changes from the Local Tax Law to the Central and Local Fiscal Relationship (HKPD) Law. We estimate potential regional tax and levy revenues under the HKPD Law and prepare Draft Regional Regulations on Regional Taxes and Regional Levies, ensuring compliance with HKPD Law provisions.

In summary, our study group plays a pivotal role in shaping fiscal policy and regional development in Indonesia. Our comprehensive approach aims to strengthen the foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity in the national and region.

  1. Public Finance for Children. UNICEF Indonesia (September 2021-April 2023)
    • Public Finance for Children: to develop national and sub national budget tagging framework for children and its social protection, and
    • Innovative Financing for Social Protection: to assess the feasibility of municipal bond for child’s social protection.
    • Budget Credibility for Child Immunization: to provide evidence on the financial factors of routine immunisation and to identify policymakers’ budgetary commitment to achieve routine immunisation goals.
  1. Economic Master Plan for Lebak Regency. Bappeda Lebak (2022)
  2. Academic Paper for Local Tax Regulation for Bogor Regency (2022)
  3. Medium-term development planning for Anambas (2021)

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