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Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah, S.E., MA., Ph.D.

Friday November 4th, 2016


Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah received her PhD degree in Economics from Georgia State University (Atlanta, US) in 2008, Master of Arts from Georgia State University in 2002, and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEBUI) in 1999.

Riatu is a public finance expert who have involved in various research and projects on policy evaluation and monitoring, design of fiscal related scheme, intergovernmental transfer, and regulatory impact assessment. She also has research interest in higher education related policy. She is now a member of TADF (Technical Assistance on Fiscal Decentralization) under Ministry of Finance.

Before serving as LPEM’s Associate Director in Research in 2014, she was the Head of Economics Undergraduate Program in Department of Economics, Faculty Economic and Business, University of Indonesia (2009-2013). She is currently the Director of LPEM FEBUI since 2015.

Research Interests

Policy evaluation and monitoring, Design of fiscal related scheme, Intergovernmental transfer, Higher education policy, Regulatory impact assessment

Academic Publications

– The Effectiveness of Using English as Medium of Instruction in Faculty of Economic and Business, University of Indonesia, 2014
– Province-Local Taxes Distribution in Indonesia, 2014
– Government Expenditures and Poverty Alleviation: Case of Indonesia Province-Local Government Spending and Forest Management in Indonesia, 2013
– General Purpose Central-Provincial-Local Transfers (DAU) in Indonesia: From Gap Filling to Ensuring Fair Access to Essential Public Services for All (with Anwar Shah and Astrid Dita), 2012

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