Wahyu Pramono, S.E.


Kiki1 Wahyu Pramono earned his bachelor degree in economics at Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia in 2012. He began his academic career as a teaching assistant for Introductory Economics, Mathematical Economics, and Statistical Economics and Business in 2011-2012. He then had an opportunity to work as a research assistant at the Institute of Economics and Social Research (LPEM FEB UI) in early 2013. His good performance has led him to be awarded as the third best junior research staff of LPEM FEB UI in 2016. As a junior researcher, he had a chance to be selected to represent Indonesia in a two weeks exchange program for Asian students and youths in Japan, namely JENESYS in 2017. Aside acting as a research staff, he is also appointed to be a managing editor of Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI) journal published by the Institute. His research interests include Energy and Natural Resource Economics, Regional Economics, Public Policy, and Macroeconomics. In 2017, he was awarded a scholarship from the government to pursue his master degree in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, University College London, United Kingdom.

His previous experience in research covers various topics including economic impact, social service delivery and social security, labor survey, early warning system for banking stability, energy utilization for industries, streamlining business licensing, regulation analysis and industry impact study. Wahyu often works with various government agencies as well as international donor agencies. While working at LPEM FEBUI, Wahyu has worked with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Communication and Informatics, European Union, ADB, JBIC and PT. Chevron. Wahyu was also a participant in Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) held by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) in 2016.

Research Interest

Health Economics, Social Security, Regional Economics, Development Economics, and Behavioural Economics.

Academic Publication

– Teguh Dartanto & Jahen Fachrul Rezki & Usman & Chairina Hanum Siregar & Hamdan Bintara & Wahyu Pramono, Expanding Universal Health Coverage in The Presence of Informality in Indonesia: Challenges and Policy Implications, LPEM FEBUI Working Papers, 2015