Economics and Finance Indonesia Vol. 57 No. 3, 2009

Syurkani Ishak-Kasim, Abdullahi D. Ahmed  : Inflation Expectations and Rationality:Evidence from Indonesian Survey Data

Muhammad Handry Imansyah, Armin J. Kammel : Forecasting Financial Crises by Applying the “Temple Model of Financial Crises” Against the Background of the Indonesian Experience
Albert Hasudungan : Forestry Crisis in Danau Sentarum National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Ari Kuncoro, Arie Damayanti, Ifa Isfandiarni : Demand for Electricity and Benefits from Rural Electrification: Evidence from Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin (Muba)
Nuzul Achjar, Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi : The Impact of Rural Infrastructure Development on Poverty Reduction in Indonesia

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