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Macroeconomic Analysis Series: BI Board of Governor Meeting, January 2024

Stood at 2.61% (y.o.y) in December, Indonesia’s inflation rate throughout 2023 has shown a downward trend and been successfully kept within BI’s target range. The 2023 inflation realization is substantially below 2022 full-year  inflation figure that reached a staggering level of 5.51% (y.o.y) due to skyrocketed commodity and energy prices. Before 2022, full-year inflation always […]

Seminar on Business Education Cooperation and Forum on Chinese Enterprises Investing in Asean

In facing the global economic uncertainty, the economic performance of ASEAN, including Indonesia, demonstrates increasingly promising potential. However, the growth of Government-to-Government (G to G) and Business-to-Business (B to B) cooperation between Indonesia and China has not been accompanied by People-to-People (P to P) relationships. This condition has prompted the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance […]


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